Retortable Laminated Plastic Sauce Packaging With Spout

Flexible packaging is an advanced food packaging solutions for prepared food and condiment packaging, they ensure product safety and increase user friendliness. With the features of tear notch, reclosable spout, etc., this style can minimize the mess in the kitchen while allowing them to screw on the cap to prevent any food spoilage.

Product Details

Retortable Laminated Plastic Sauce Packaging With Spout

Resealable closures and spouts are the latest innovation in the continuing evolution in pouches and bags packaging presentation which is used to store thick liquid products like oil, cream, sauces, and adhesives. This type of packaging allows the consumer to reseal or reclose the packaging to maintain product freshness and prevent spillage. 

Resealable closure and spouts are considered the standard for consumer convenience packaging and offer smooth appearance. This market is expected to grow on the backdrop of food and beverage industries. 

Consumer preference towards small and convenient packaging is driving the resealable closures and spouts packaging market.

About Lanker Pack

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Lanker Pack create a wide range of products that includes pre-made pouches (stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, coffee pouches, side gusset pouches, retort pouches, spout pouches, shaped pouches, etc) and stock (VFFS films, Lidding Films, etc.)

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