Printed Reclosable Stand Up Shampoo Spout Pouch

When compared to fin seal bag or 3 side seal bages with the same format, the vertical stability of the pouch ensures ideal positioning and presentation at the point of sale. And Lanker’s Aluminum Foil Snack Food Bag could offer a clear window to show off your product while keeping it fresh. $0.02-0.22

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Printed Reclosable Stand Up Shampoo Spout Pouch


Packaging any type of liquid in a flexible barrier bag such as a Spouted Pouch packaging demands the right design to contain the liquid along with the right layers of barrier film to allow the pouch to stand effectively on a retail store shelf. A Liquid and Spouted Pouches can be filled directly through the spout or through a void in the film that will be sealed. Either way, when done properly, a spouted packaging bags is one of the lowest cost packaging options (versus glass and rigid plastic) while being recyclable and landfill friendly.



• FDA food grade materials

• Water based inks

• ISO and QS Quality Rating

• Small to massive runs

• Recyclable and Landfill Friendly


At Lanker Pack we have over 15 years of experience produce Liquid and Spouted Pouches from fruit juice, water, baby food, oil, salad dressing, and even alcohol and wine. Our pouches can be filled hot or cold, can be refrigerated, frozen or kept at room temperature. Each pouch is designed specifically based on the product being packaged and how it will be filled, shipped, stored, and ultimately sold on a retail store shelf.


Our Liquid and Spouted Pouches
Here is a list of all the beverages we have experience packing. Many of these work best using a pouch with spout for pouring.
• Fruit Juice Liquid Packing
• Vegetable Juice Beverage Packaging
• Alcohol, Mixes, and Wine Spout Pouch
• General Beverage Packaging for Mixes

Our Liquid Packing

• Sauces, Syrup, and Honey Liquid Packaging
• Soap and Detergents Liquid Packaging
• Lawn and Garden Liquid Packing
• Oils, Solvents, and Grease Liquid Packaging

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We are one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please rest assured to buy the printed reclosable stand up shampoo spout pouch with our factory. The competitive price and timely service are available.
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