Moisture-proof Laminated Foil Condiment Packaging Pouch

Flexible packaging is an advanced food packaging solutions for prepared food and condiment packaging, they ensure product safety and increase user friendliness. With the features of tear notch, reclosable spout, etc., this style can minimize the mess in the kitchen while allowing them to screw on the cap to prevent any food spoilage.

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Moisture-proof Laminated Foil Condiment Packaging Pouch

What state would our meals be in without tasty sauces? It's likely they wouldn't be anywhere near as delicious. When you're selling products like these, you know that keeping them as fresh as on the day they were packaged is important. Lanker’s spout pouch for sauce packaging can do exactly this.

The spout pouch for sauce packaging is more convenient in terms of storage and transportation than a plastic bottle, because they are leakage proof and breakage proof liquid packaging solution. Even these pouches gains less space compared to plastic bottles so they are package convenient.

Lanker Pack has been supplying secure and reliable packaging materials for food and non-food industries since 2004. We have been accumulated rich experience–from raw material development right through to production and quality control, we guarantee perfection in every product. And we offer custom service. For more products, please contact with us.

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