Leak-proof Stand Up Spout Pouch For Oil Packaging

When compared to fin seal bag or 3 side seal bages with the same format, the vertical stability of the pouch ensures ideal positioning and presentation at the point of sale. And Lanker’s Seed Stand Up Pouch Zipper Bag could offer a clear window to show off your product while keeping it fresh. $0.02-0.22

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Leak-proof Stand Up Spout Pouch For Oil Packaging

Oil Packaging has high barrier property, which can protect the high efficiency performance, certain visibility and use convenience of the installed Oil, and also environmental protection.

This is a flexible self-supporting bag made of multi-layer composite material and printed with 5 kinds of ink on the surface.


This self-supporting bag takes the use of oil to a new level. It is light, durable, easy to store, easy to reverse with anti-theft, ergonomic handle to help users quickly and easily pour oil into the oil tank.


with handle

Size, color and design may vary depending on your specific packaging needs. In any case, Lanker Pack will help you differentiate your brand from competitors with visually striking design and layout choices. Whether it’s sitting on a shelf or hanging from a hook, our team can work with you to works best for your product.


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