Laminated Material Ketchup Packaging Retort Pouch

Flexible packaging is an advanced food packaging solutions for prepared food and condiment packaging, they ensure product safety and increase user friendliness. With the features of tear notch, reclosable spout, etc., this style can minimize the mess in the kitchen while allowing them to screw on the cap to prevent any food spoilage.

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Laminated Material Ketchup Packaging Retort Pouch

What state would our meals be in without tasty sauces? It's likely they wouldn't be anywhere near as delicious. When you're selling products like these, you know that keeping them as fresh as on the day they were packaged is important. Lanker’s spout pouch for sauce packaging can do exactly this.

Most of the plastic and plastic packaging bags for sauces and sauces are coated with sauces and other products, and there is no heat sealing. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the production of plastic composite packaging for sauces and sauces.

Nowadays the quest for economy, quality and safety are leading around the globe, so manufacturers have realized a need to switch from rigid packaging containers like plastic bottle and to some of the most durable and flexible liquid packaging solutions for soups, sauces, fruit juices, oils, lubricants and many other liquid products, flexible packaging technologies provide the operational advantages in a variety of storage formats like shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen.

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