Burst Resistance Laminated Plastic Spout Pouch

When compared to fin seal bag or 3 side seal bages with the same format, the vertical stability of the pouch ensures ideal positioning and presentation at the point of sale. And Lanker’s Aluminum Foil Snack Food Bag could offer a clear window to show off your product while keeping it fresh. $0.02-0.22

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Burst Resistance Laminated Plastic Spout Pouch


From baby food to probiotics, alcohol, soup, sauces and even automotive products, many of today’s leading manufacturers are using lightweight, spouted stand up pouches to package their products.



Because the stand up spout pouch has high requirements on the mechanical properties of the material, a multilayer composite film is selected for the material. In addition, there are also more detailed requirements for the bag making process of the upright bag, such as heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure, heat sealing time, heating method and the like.


There are many problems in the actual production of the stand up spout pouch, but there are two prominent problems: one is the leakage or leakage when the goods are loaded; the other is the bag type unevenness and the bottom seal asymmetry in the bag making process. Therefore, how to make the choice of materials and adopt the best process operation mode plays a decisive role in the overall quality improvement of the standing bag.

From early-stage baby food to exotic sauces and wines, spout pouches are a great way to package your product. Spout pouches are safe, light weight, unbreakable and easy to carry. For the busy parent, they offer a quick and convenient meal.

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