Bag Food Spout Pouch Fruit Salad Packaging

This spout pouch represents an especially practical and flexible packaging as, in addition to simple usage and the achievement of the required portions, the integrated pouring and closure system also enables the safe resealing of the pouch. This user-friendly design has led to an increase in the popularity of this pouch type for pasty and liquid products such as pureed fruit, sauces, beverages or cleaning agents and also fine bulk products such as sugar or rice.

Product Details

Bag Food Spout Pouch Fruit Salad Packaging

Spout Pouch:

Spout pouches for soups and sauces from a wide range of different countries and quizines are a hot item in the world of retail food products. Tin cans are a thing of the past and glass jars use around 70% more raw materials than the pouch. Pouches can be microwaved for a convenient way to heat the contents and the spout provides a most convenient way to decant the contents from the pouch. Currently we supply pouches for both hot fill and retortable applications depending on our customer’s requirements. 

Basic Info

Application: Food

Material: Laminated Material

Feature: Moisture Proof

Product Description


1). Spout food bag, standing bag, spout pouch, aluminium pouch

2). Styel: Stand up with spout bag

3). With bottom gusset and spout on the coner of the pouch

4). With great printing can up to 12 colors

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Product Details:

 1)  Use:

Suitable for jelly cool, fresh (sour) milk, a variety of wine, fruit juice, jam, edible oil, Pets Food, laundry detergent, fabric softener, shampoo, detergent, gasoline, oil, automotive glass of water, glue, shampoo, perm water, hair ointment liquid, paste, and so has a unique advantage .

2) Feature:

1, Resistant to falling, sealing fastness, high barrier properties, high mechanical   strength, strong sealing strength, non-breakage, non-leakage

2, It can be used repeatedly, easy to carry and store, can replace the bottle use, save costs, improve market competitiveness.

3, The unique design can effectively prevent bursting. The new printing process, outstanding designs and trademarks effect, play a very good effect of security, more prominent products of high quality, play a different shelf effect.

4, Spout Position: Side or in the centre.

5, Suitable for manual and automatic filling and sealing.

Specification of Bag Food Spout Pouch Fruit Salad Packaging:


ItemBag Food Spout Pouch Fruit Salad Packaging
Laminated Material: 


Color:Up to 10 colors, matt,glossy or metallized effect. Based on artwork from customers.
Design options:Clear Windows, zipper seal, tear notch, valve, peg holes, die-cut handle, etc.
Available Size:100G-3KG
Our existed sample:Free
Customized samples:Charge based on size and quantity
Sample delivery fee:Freight collect
Sample time:Within 10 days
Production time for official order:20-30 workdays
Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Min. Order: 10000Bags

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes. Please consult us or request a sample to ensure the packaging fit to you.

Lanker Pack has been supplying secure and reliable packaging materials for food and non-food industries since 2004. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Lanker Pack create a wide range of products that includes pe-made pouches (stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, coffee pouches, side gusset pouches, retort pouches, spout pouches, shaped pouches, etc) and stock (VFFS films, Lidding Films, etc.)

Our factory is accredited to several widely accepted standards including BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP and has also achieved U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 


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