Moisture-proof Aluminum Standing Retort Pouch

The retort pouch is a composite plastic film pouch that can be heat treated. It has the characteristics of both a canned container and a boiling water resistant plastic bag. Therefore, it is also called a "soft can".

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Moisture-proof Aluminum Standing Retort Pouch

Though all stand up pouches and barrier bags are made with special laminated layers that protect food from spills, puncture, and outside contaminants, special films are required for food products designed for quick, convenient cooking. Retort packaging is a unique form of stand up pouch used for cook-in-a-bag meals and sides, such as soups, rice, sauces, and pasta dishes.



The food-grade, FDA-approved materials used to construct this type of packaging undergo a sterilization process that extends the shelf life of the product inside while boosting the durability of the package itself. After going through a retort machine, the food and package are able to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees, making this the perfect solution for microwavable meals.


Retort Pouches maintain the color, aroma, taste, and shape of the food. The retort pouch is thinner and can be sterilized in a short period of time, and the original color, aroma, taste, and shape of the food are preserved as much as possible.

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes. Please consult us or request a sample to ensure the packaging fit to you.



In addition, Lanker retort pouches can be customized using a rotogravure printing process that creates rich, vibrant designs on the outer layer of the package. Like all products supplied by, retort packaging abides by our high-quality standards:

1. FDA-approved, food grade material

2. Environmentally friendly ink

3. ISO and QS quality rating

4. Excellent print quality, regardless of order size

5. Recyclable and landfill friendly

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