Laminated Aluminum Stand Up Retort Pouch

When compared to fin seal bag or 3 side seal bages with the same format, the vertical stability of the pouch ensures ideal positioning and presentation at the point of sale. And Lanker’s Aluminum Foil Snack Food Bag could offer a clear window to show off your product while keeping it fresh. $0.02-0.22

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Laminated Aluminum Stand Up Retort Pouch

The retort pouch is a composite plastic film pouch that can be heat treated. It has the characteristics of both a canned container and a boiling water resistant plastic bag. Therefore, it is also called a "soft can". 


Human beings live in the encirclement of microorganisms. There are countless microorganisms in the biosphere of the whole earth. When the amount of microbial reproduction in food exceeds a certain limit, the food will be corrupted and eaten.


Specification of Puncture Resistance Retort Pouch With Spout:


ItemLaminated Aluminum Stand Up Retort Pouch
Laminated Material: 



Color:Up to 10 colors, matt,glossy or metallized effect. Based on artwork from customers.
Design options:Clear Windows, zipper seal, tear notch, valve, peg holes, die-cut handle, etc.
Available Size:100G-3KG
Our existed sample:Free
Customized samples:Charge based on size and quantity
Sample delivery fee:Freight collect
Sample time:Within 10 days
Production time for official order:20-30 workdays
Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Min. Order: 10000Bags

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes. Please consult us or request a sample to ensure the packaging fit to you.


Common bacteria causing food spoilage are Pseudomonas, Vibrio, both are not heat-resistant, intestinal bacteria are killed at 60 ° C for 30 minutes, some varieties of lactic acid bacteria can withstand 65 ° C, 30 minutes of heating. Bacillus Can withstand 95-100 ° C, heating for a few minutes, a few can withstand heating at 120 ° C for 20 minutes. In addition to bacteria, there are a large number of fungi in food, including mucor, yeast, etc. In addition to light, oxygen, temperature, moisture, PH value, etc. can cause food spoilage, but the main factor is microbes. 


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