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What Are Stand-up Bags Made Of?

May 23, 2019

What Are Stand-up Bags Made Of?


The packets or stand up pouch bags are made from three materials - metal foil, polypropylene, and polyesters. The metal is usually aluminum. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic. It is extracted from petroleum. Polyesters form a category of synthetic polymers. In the universe of stand up bags, these three elements combine together in different proportions to produce bags of different kind and quality.


Food items may also come in metal packets or foil pouches. A difference between typical stand-up bags and foil bags lies in the amount of metal used. The names are suggestive foil bags use more metal than simple pouch bags.


In addition to custom printed stand up pouches and foil bags, there are also clear bags, simple poly bags, and others. The primary material that goes into their construction is plastic.


This is not all. The real answer to what materials have been used in flexible food packaging depends on the pouch itself. Bags that protect a food product from the suns ultraviolet rays use materials which are absent in clear pouches. Similarly, bags that are puncture-resistant have layers of materials which are nowhere to be found in simple poly bags.


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