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Top 5 Packaging Trends For 2021

Apr 08, 2021

    While there are some hot-button trends that remain from 2020 as we head into the first quarter of 2021 (such as sustainability and environmentally minded packaging materials), there are some huge new packaging opportunities that have come out of the pandemic.

    For example, the video game industry is experiencing a meteoric expansion of growth as gamers have spent more time at home playing video games and many new gamers are just beginning to experiment with the joy of gaming to pass the time while in quarantine or semi-mandated stay at home orders. More gaming = more opportunities for video game packaging applications.

    Then, we have the ever-growing expansion of eCommerce purchasing. Purchasing online was already steadily rising prior to the arrival of this pandemic. But it has only grown exponentially more than expected as a byproduct of the virus.

Food packaging (particularly frozen food packaging) has also seen a massive growth spurt. More consumers are buying larger quantities of groceries either in person or via online driven delivery services.

    Its a lot to keep up with. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the top packaging trends for 2021 so that you are set up to succeed in the new year.

    One of the big trends from last year is again in the top 5 packaging trends to watch in 2021. 2020 was a complicated year for environmentally friendly packaging. Prior to the arrival of the pandemic, eco-conscious buyers had been pushing many companies to adopt sustainable packaging that came with less of an impact.

    Finally, we come to interactive/gamified packaging. This type of packaging is any packaging that invites physical or digital interactions with consumers.many companies are using modern digital technologies such as smartphone scanning and augmented reality capabilities to either engage customers with high end video content, or, they are using other forms of digital tech (such as QR coding) for the purpose of tracking shipments and recording data about the location, safety, and condition of the package.