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The Applications Of Spouted Pouches

Apr 08, 2019

Spouted pouches (also known as fitment pouches) are becoming more prevalent across many industries due to advances in flexible packaging materials and an increasingly wide variety of convenient spouts & fitments available. Many products once limited to rigid packaging are now excellent candidates for spouted pouches.


At Glenroy, we’ve helped leading brands convert from rigid packaging to spouted pouches. Spouted pouches require additional specialized expertise beyond the norm, and we offer not only exceptional expertise in spouted pouches but also expansive in-house spouted pouch converting capabilities. This allows us to produce your spouted pouches from start to finish, without outsourcing important stages of the project such as spout insertion. We’re able to produce spouted pouches with shorter lead times while keeping full control of your pouches’ quality throughout the entire process.

Our pouch converting equipment has produced award-winning spouted pouches. We’re able to design and produce pouches with innovative shapes that prevent flex cracking, with extremely high burst strength and the ability to withstand even the most rigorous drop testing. 



Stand up pouches have several applications in our day-to-day life. Though these flexible pouches are mainly used for packing solid foodstuff, they are also suitable for storing liquids. Pouches used to pack liquids generally come with spouts so that the user can easily pour the liquid out.

Spouted pouch bags are ideal for packing small quantities of liquid food items like fruit juices and tomato ketchup. These small packets are easy to carry around and can be used during traveling. While it is not easy to tear open a regular ketchup pouch, spouted pouches are easy to use. The user just needs to open the spout and squeeze or pour the liquid out. This ease of use makes spouted pouches a popular small packaging solution.

Spouted stand up bags are also used for packing liquid soaps and shampoos since the spout allows the user to easily pour the soap or shampoo out. One drawback of these spouted bags is that they can only store a small number of liquids. They are not suitable for storing larger quantities.

Spouted pouches are suitable for storing all types of liquids including juices, soaps, shampoos, and oil. Juice pouches are already quite popular. And with the right choice of graphics and designs these pouches can be made even more attractive.