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Stand Up Pouch: The Most Popular Packaging Style

Jun 21, 2019

Brand from a wide range of industry across the earth changes development of Stand Up Pouch.

In fact, demand for lightweight new containers like stand up pouches are projected to exceed $20 billion in the next four years. The improved performance, presentation, and functionality of flexible packaging is aiding this sustained growth, as are new advances in the overall structure, size, and printing capabilities of these stand bags. One of the key reasons brands are choosing stand bags for their product packaging is the space-saving aspect – not only can retailers fit more pouches on shelves than, say, rigid boxes, oversized tins, or plastic bottles, they are also conducive to consumers’ changing habits.


Today’s average shopper is downsizing, minimizing, and choosing a lifestyle where they don’t have to stay put in one area. As a result, flexible packaging aligns better with these active, mobile lifestyles than traditional containers that are too bulky and heavy to transport or are too fragile or burdensome to take on the go. Stand up pouches can be used for a variety of products, from liquid beverages to cleaning items, as well as granular sugars and coffee, and even baby food. These stand bags come in many different sizes, and because of their flexible attributes, they can conform to unique shapes and best protect many different items without over slacking the bag with air or using unnecessary internal packaging that results in excess waste.


To best meet the needs of your high-quality product, partnering with a packaging supplier who will work closely with your team to handle your needs internally is essential. Gone are the days when emerging businesses could leave their packaging projects in the hands of contract manufacturers. An effective packaging partner will supply you complimentary samples, digitally printed prototypes, and small runs of your custom designed pouches so you can test them with your product inside and gauge consumer response before ordering a large batch and spending a ton of money on packaging that may not best suit your item’s needs.


Inquisitive how size pouch is going to work best for your product? Below are several helpful estimates that can indicate you in the right direction.


Remember – we can produce custom-size examples that fit the exact measurements of your item. We have also introduced new large quad seal bags that can hold 15 to 30 pounds of product. This particular type of stand up pouch works best for large quantities of pet food, but many emerging startups are using this form of packaging in innovative ways. Whether you’re packaging alcohol, juice, cereal,  coffee, jerky, or even cleaning or agricultural products, there’s a pouch that will fit your products needs and keep it standing up loud and proud on shelves.


Since 2004, Lanker Pack has been supplying secure and reliable packaging materials for food and non-food industries. Our factory is accredited to several widely accepted standards including BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP and has also achieved U.S. Food and Drug Administration.