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Spout Pouch Packaging's Material Structure And Applications

Jun 03, 2019

Spout Pouch Packaging's Material Structure And Applications

Spout Pouch Packaging is innovative products for liquid or powdered products. The spout design provides more convenience for the use and the flexible material will significantly reduce the logistics cost compared to rigid bottle.

Spout Pouch Packaging is a fairly recent but already significant development in liquid product packaging. The fact that these pouches protect liquid contents from vapor, odor, moisture, pests, pets, air and/or light (depending on the nature of the specific contents) only scratches the surface of why spout pouch packaging is so superior to most other packaging bags.


Spout pouch packaging's material structure depending on the nature of the specific contents. Some material structure as below:





All the spout pouch packaging are fixed with nozzles. You can choose from 8.5mm to 33mm in diameter for nozzles.

Lanker's spout pouch packaging can be used for packaging of spices, salad dressing, juice, baby food, sugar, salt, oil, tomato sauces, yogurt, liquid, detergent and many others.


Spout pouch is more functional, stable and shelf-accessible. Spouted pouches are reusable hence increasing sales of spout pouches because of the environment friendly conscious consumers.

Spout pouches are used to package liquid substances, which usually include products such as

Alcoholic beverages

Hygiene products

Energy drinks

Pharmaceutical products


Liquid soaps and various others


Lanker Pack has been supplying secure and reliable packaging materials for food and non-food industries since 2004. We have been accumulated rich experience–from raw material development right through to production and quality control, we guarantee perfection in every product.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we create a wide range of products that includes pe-made pouches (stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, coffee pouch, side gusset pouch, retort pouch, spout pouch, shaped pouch, etc) and stock (VFFS films, Lidding Films, etc.) Our factory is accredited to several widely accepted standards including BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP and has also achieved U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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