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Snack Packaging New Trends- Low-Cost And Eco-Friendly

Jan 07, 2019

Snack Packaging New Trends- Low-Cost and Eco-Friendly

Energy and raw materials are becoming more expensive, and consumers want to do more for the environment. This is forcing manufacturers of sweets and snacks to make difficult adjustments: their products have to stand out from the crowd without extravagant packages that drive up costs. Packaging producers and machinery manufacturers can help – with material-saving packaging solutions and more efficient production lines.

However, some manufacturers of confectionery and baked goods tend to overdo it. Companies misleading customers with fraudulently oversized packages have received repeated criticism. A survey was revealed that biscuit and snack packages contained an average of 40 percent empty space. Such deception is not only illegal, but also pointless. There are also environmental arguments against XXL packages. Wasting resources has a negative impact on the environment and damages our climate – something that consumers are well aware of.

To avoid putting off environmentally aware consumers and to offset cost increases, they have to restrain themselves with the packaging and manufacture their products more efficiently. Some are resorting to material downsizing, giving preference to packaging materials that are easier to recycle and that conserve resources by being thinner. On the packaging market a number of trends can be identified. Sustainability is one of these megatrends.

Lankerpack Recyclable plastic laminate for pre-made pouches is developed in direct response to the need to reduce plastic waste without compromising on quality or functionality, and it supports the circular economy.  About more products, please contact us by e-mail: sales@lankerpack.com

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