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Retort Pouches For Ready-To-Eat Meals

May 20, 2019

Retort Pouches For Ready-To-Eat Meals


Aluminum foil retort pouch can resist up to 135 Celsius degree (275 F) of retort condition that provides a very thin, but an effective gas barrier. Retort pouch packaging can be used in a wide range of food and drink with its superior shelf life of more than 1 year at room temperature of retort pouch-packaged foods with very high barrier properties of OTR and WVTR. In addition, there are many advantages to retort pouches, which feature lightweight, highly flexible characteristics, shelf space optimization, and more.


The retort-able pouch is made of all highest standard material, including the lamination methods. In this type, we need retort inner content contacting material like RCPP instead of PE. We use retort-able level nylon instead of normal NY. We use high temperature resisted lamination solvent instead of normal food grade lamination solvent. For the spout and cap are also made of retort-able material, PP. It can be kept stability in 121℃ for 30 minutes.


Lanker Pack’s retort pouches are constructed from varying grade films which are laminated together. The material structure includes high barrier aluminum material or microwaveable clear material, could withstand temperatures ranging from 120℃ to 135℃ and provides the moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, strength, toughness, puncture and burst resistance that enable them to withstand the strenuous retort process.


This pouch is for the highest safety requirements of food packaging, and LD PACK is always there for making the life better. Safety is the priority of all.


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