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Multiple Applications Of Stand Up Pouch

May 14, 2019

Multiple Applications Of Stand Up Pouch


Stand up pouch, also can be called Doypack. Its the most popular packaging style for food, pet food, liquid products, and other industry. It can be designed with zipper or spout or very special shape.  Main advantages are 1. Stand and display the product very well on the shelf. 2: Lower cost for packing ready-drink or powder product compared with a bottle or another plastic container packaging. Various material structures can be chosen to meet the customer’s requirement.


For food packaging, mainly used for dried fruit, nuts, coffee, tea, snack products, etc. Can be designed with or without zipper. Using stand up pouch for food packaging, it can be viewed very easily during the shopping in the market, it can stand well on the shelf, not easy to fall down. You can choose a transparent material structure to create a window, they can see the products inside. Or foil material structure to have a high barrier to approve from Oxygen and moisture.


Except for the big pack 10-25kg packaging bag for pet food, we also can use stand up pouch for packing small packaging pet food, such as 250-5kg. It can be with or without a zipper. This small Doypack for pet food packaging will be more convenient for the consumer to carry away. And designed with ziplock, can be re-closed after your puppy finishes the eating, they can keep the pet food dry and fresh.


A retort pouch is a type of food packaging made from a laminated structure with or without Aluminum. It allows the sterile packaging of a wide variety of food and drinks handled by aseptic processing, and it is replaced with traditional canning packaging. Mostly used for ready to eat products such as meat, sauce, fish, or some other liquid product. The pouch can be heated to 120-135 °C. Now new material ALOX or SIOX PET is replaced to Aluminum material which also with high barrier and can be micro-woven, just ensure the packaging need be opened during this process.


For detergent packaging, for both detergent powder and detergent liquid. Can be designed with or without a zipper, Using stand up pouch for detergent, could save more cost than bottles. You can choose a transparent material structure to create a window, then see the product inside, or metalized or pattern metalized material to show different effect.


Lanker Pack offers you a wide range of stand up pouches for food packaging in clear and solid colors, glossy and matte finishes, and choice of materials. Choose from a variety of functional enhancements like reclosable zippers, degassing valves, tear notches and hang holes to suit your style.


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