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Let's Talk About The Pet Food Packaging

Apr 09, 2019

Today’s pet food packaging is undoubtedly the most technologically innovative and eye-catching ever. Catering to an array of products and an even wider array of consumer needs and wants, the bags, cans and other containers available speak to the ability of the packaging segment to keep up with the diverseLowering price while continuing to remain on top of pet food industry trends is a constant challenge for the packaging segment.


Lanker-Pack offers a large variety of pet food bags, pet food pouches for all pet food packaging needs. Pet food is extremely susceptible to outside elements. Our premium pet food packaging bags are extremely lightweight, durable, puncture proof and provide maximum protection against humidity, moisture, sunlight, and heat. Lanker-Packs specialized flexible pet food packaging creates the perfect microenvironment for pet food to stay fresher longer. Our specialized pet food packaging technology enables manufacturers to deliver the freshest dog and cat food to their customers possible. Lanker-Pack offers custom pet food bag options such as resealable zip closures, tear notches as well as custom bag printing services along with an amazing variety of materials, styles, and finishes that will compliment your marketing efforts and help elevate your pet food brand to the next level.


Pet food is an extremely competitive market space. Choosing the right pet food packaging partner is critical to your success. We have a long track record of partnering with pet food companies and helping them to achieve their packaging goals. Contact us today and speak to one of our pet food packaging specialists.


Need for Pet Food Bag Samples?

We are happy to provide samples of our pet food bags. We look forward to working with you on all of your pet food packaging projects.