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How Much Do You Know About The Application Of Rollstock?

May 09, 2019

Using the latest technology and production techniques, Lanker Pack’s roll stock film products are second to none when it comes to quality. Roll stock packaging is very common among products that require tight sealing, lamination, lidding, and flow wrapping.


Our roll stock film specifically caters to vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) applications. Laser scoring technology can also be applied to your finished product upon request.


Lanker Pack can print up to 10 different colors and the film can be configured for a variety of structures. Our team has years of technical experience working with form fill seal machines and we understand how important it is to apply the proper specifications before production. Whether its improving productivity or extending shelf life, Lanker Packs roll stock film is designed to adhere to your specific products and goals.


The roll stock film available in our stock line is suitable for all types of form-fill-seal applications. Numerous web sites are offered to suit our customers requirements and if the web size you need is not listed as a stock item, we have the ability to custom slit our rolls to the size that will work for your product. Metalized and foil materials are on hand to ensure that a wide range of shelf life and barrier qualities are available to our customers. The attractive printed patterns provide an even greater selection for your automated packaging needs.


In order to remain efficient, automatic packaging of products is essential when packing large volumes. This roll stock film is available in the most commonly used materials and sizes and is compatible with most form-fill-seal machines. Metalized film is often described as Mylarand it is becoming more popular in flexible packaging for its moderate barrier qualities and lower cost. For products requiring a better barrier than poly, but not quite as good as foil, a metalized material is a perfect fit. Aluminum foil film provides one of the best barriers available in the flexible packaging industry. It provides excellent oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier for all products. Since its barrier qualities are so exceptional, it is being used in countless packaging applications.


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