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Do You Know What The Flat Bottom Bags Is?

Apr 09, 2019

The flat bottom bags also called Box bottom Pouches, Block Bottom Bags.


Flat Bottom bags have completely flat bottom and so they are known as Flat Bottom Pouches. These are also known as Box Pouches. The flat bottom allows all kinds of products for sturdy storage. It holds more weight in comparison to Bottom Gusset Pouches or Side Gusseted Pouches.

These pouches have gussets on the left and right side, they have a gusset on the bottom too. The flat bottom of this pouch has been designed smartly for an attractive appearance at the sale counters with its wide range of printable surfaces. Moreover, it has great shelf stability which aids for sturdy storage too.

Box Pouches enable your products to stand out on retail shelves. Ideal for granulates, powders, and other dry goods, Box Pouches convey high quality and convenience to consumers.

 Lanker Pack using state-of-the-art equipment to create a wide range of products including flat bottom pouches. Our flat-bottom pouches give your product maximum shelf stability, and superb protection, all wrapped in an elegant and distinctive look. The gusseted sides and quad seals offer a stronger structure and more filling volume than other pouches, making them a great choice for coffee, candy, pet food and treats, and other dry ingredient food products. We can custom-print over all five panels, providing enhanced artwork and design possibilities. Flat-bottom pouches is a good greenchoice, too, requiring less energy to produce and less material than in traditional stand-up pouches.

In addition to a unique look that cannot be replicated by other stand-up pouches or bags, Box Pouches provide the ability to use two different materials for various faces of the pouch.  Box Pouches with clear side gussets can provide a window to the product inside, while metallic flexible packaging materials can be used for the rest of the pouch.


Lanker Pack has been accumulated rich experiencefrom raw material development right through to production and quality control, we guarantee perfection in every product. We offer customer service for your pouches.



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