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May 07, 2019

Coffee is an increasingly important part of today’s lifestyle, especially for 18-39 age group, coffee is essential during their daily work, meeting and business. It is more a living style rather than a simple drink. World coffee demand and consumption have steadily increased in recent years. And there will be a great demand in emerging markets like China, India and Brazil.

Since the coffee drinks became more and more popular, more coffee shops and producers have sprung up around the world. Thus, the Coffee packaging is extremely important. It is not only providing a bag but also a beautiful, practical and eco-friendly package that keep the inside coffee stay fresh and flavored. Accessories like One-Way Degassing Valves and Tin ties also provide additional options for customers. And all is for you to enjoy the original taste and flavor as if they came straight from the roaster!


At Lanker Pack, a variety of styles are available for packaging coffee:

1.Side gusseted Coffee Pouch The side gusseted pouch is one of the most popular styles of bags for coffee packaging. With a variety of sizes, colors and materials, it provides more options for roasters and coffee shops. Foil material will protect inside fresh roasted coffee beans from oxygen and moisture. Side gusseted bags also work well with Tin ties and Valves. 

2.Kraft Coffee Pouch The kraft pouch is a favorable choice to many customers because it is environment-friendly and economical. Kraft paper is generally laminated with Aluminum for perfect barrier protection and LLDPE for a direct contact with food as it is stable and non-toxic. 

3.Stand up Coffee Pouch As our most popular series, the stand up coffee pouch is good-looking, easy to pack, with strong shelf presence and available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. They also work great with valve for releasing CO2. And clear windows give customers a sneak peak of whats inside. 

4.Flat bottom Coffee Pouch (hot) The flat bottom pouch (box pouch) has become a trendy choice for coffee packaging because flat bottom pouches combine the best features of side gusseted pouch and stand up pouch, easy to stand up before filling not only stand better but also can support heavier load. Flat Coffee Pouch As an easy and economical packaging, the flat pouch is also popular for coffee packaging. Tear notches make them easy to open. 


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