Coffee bags come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors, and materials. So which coffee bag or pouches should you use? Lanker Pack can help you.


One-way degassing valves are designed to allow air pressure to exit from inside the package while preventing air from entering. Because freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide, one-way degassing valves allow roasters to package their products immediately without the worry of the coffee bag bursting. The flexibility and benefits of flexible packaging bags with the use of degassing valves make them the perfect choice for coffee bag packaging.


There are 6 different flexible packaging bags & pouches recommended for coffee and coffee bean packaging: Stand up pouches with or without zipper/valves/windows; Side gusseted bags; Kraft paper stand up bags; Paper SOS bags; Tin-tie paper pouches; Paper carrier shopping bags, etc.


All our packaging bags, pouches & roll stock films are suitable for packaging of raw coffee beans, roasted coffee, ground coffee, and instant coffee sachets. Nearly 20 years’ manufacturing experiences is for sure to help your brand succeed in your market!


Lanker Pack’s flat bottom coffee bags combine the best features of our quad seal side gusseted bags and stand up pouches. These bags feature a square bottom gusset that allows them to stand on their own before filling. Along with the four corner seal design, block bottom bags are easy to fill and stand better on shelves. Try these new bags out today! Perfect as coffee packaging bags as well as teas, powders and other food products. Ask about adding custom hot stamp printing, valve and tin ties.


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