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Advantages Of Using Retortable Flexible Containers

May 22, 2019

Advantages of using retortable flexible containers


A retort pouch or retortable pouch is a type of food packaging made from a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foils. It allows the sterile packaging of a wide variety of food and drink handled by aseptic processing, and is used as an alternative to traditional industrial canning methods.


Advantages of using retortable flexible containers

Retort pouches combine the advantages of the metal can with the frozen boil-in-the-bag. The attributes of flexible containers offer benefits for the consumer, retailer, and manufacturer alike (Coles & Kirwan, 2011):

1. The thin profile of the pouch or container provides rapid heat transfer for both preparation and for sterilization during processing. A 3040% reduction in processing time is possible, with energy savings.

2. Reduced heat exposure results in improvements in taste, color, and flavor; there are also fewer nutrient losses.

3. Preparation of products that need to be heated to serving temperature can be accomplished in 35 min by immersing the pouch in boiling water or placing the plastic container in a microwave oven.

4. Storage space of the retort pouch or container in a paperboard carton is no larger than that for cans; disposal space is less.

5. Shelf-life of retort pouch products is equivalent to that of foods in metal cans.

6. Refrigeration or freezing is not required by packers, retailers, or consumers.

7. Pouches and containers do not corrode externally and there is a minimum of productcontainer interaction.

8. Opening the pouch requires only tearing the pouch across the top at the notch in the side seam, or by using scissors. The container lid may be peeled open or cut with a knife.

9. The flexible container is safer in that a consumer would not be cut as on a metal can or be faced with broken glass as with glass jars.

10. Empty retort pouches and nesting containers offer processors a reduction in storage space and lighter weight. Compared with empty cans, an equal number of retort pouches use 85% less space and are significantly lighter.

11. Advantages for the retailer include savings in shelf space and the shape makes it easier for the retailer to handle and display the product.

12. The use of a flat carton as an overwrap to hold one or two pouches provides for better product identification on the shelf than cans. The pouch also offers the opportunity to market multipacks, e.g., entree in one pouch and accompaniment such as rice in another.

13. Energy requirements for container construction are less than that for cans.


Lanker Pack offers a variety of different retort pouches that are great for food and non-food type items. These compact retort pouches make efficient use of your valuable shelf space. Our retort pouches come in many different varieties of materials, colors, and sizes so that you can put together the perfect packaging for your products.


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