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Coffee bags common types

Apr 01, 2017

1. non-airtight flexible packaging: this is the most economical package, usually by the local small baking plant, because they can ensure prompt delivery, time running out of coffee beans, coffee beans under this package can only be saved for a short time.
2. gas key sex packaging: loaded finished coffee Hou, pumping vacuum and sealed up, due to baking business process in the formed carbon dioxide, this packaging only in coffee placed a time makes its off gas Hou to packaging, so has days of storage interval, coffee bean placed time than coffee powder more long some, due to storage during not need and air separated, so cost low, this packaging way Xia of coffee should in 10 week within with finished.
3. one-way valve package: roasted coffee in the specially designed with a one-way valve, this valve allows gas to go out, but you can't come in, do not require a separate storage stage, but because of the discharge process, the smell will have some losses, it avoids the formation of corruption, but could not stop the loss of aroma.
4. compression packaging: this is the most expensive way, but save some coffee for as long as two years, after several minutes of baking, can be vacuum packaged coffee, after joining some inert gases, at just the right pressure in the packaging, store coffee beans in pressure, and let the air flow on the fat, which improves the flavor of the drink.