Laminated Material Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouches For Coffee

Flat bottom pouch, also called box pouch or square bottom pouch, has the added benefit of a flat, stable base allowing it to stand perfectly upright on the shelf. This will ensure that your brand will perform in the store and in the home the way you intended it to flawlessly.

Product Details

Laminated Material Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouches For Coffee

With a busy consumer base that values their time above all, CONVENIENCE PACKAGING is all the rage in the coffee market.


Now coffee roasters have various options available to them. First, coffee packaging bags are made from high-barrier laminates that are impermeable to oxygen and light. Second, they can be equipped with de-gassing valves that release excess carbon dioxide without allowing any additional oxygen into the package. 


More Benefits

Coffee packaging bags are also more convenient for consumers. Because the bags/pouches can be equipped with zippers or tin-tie, shoppers can feel confident that.

Produce Process

Quality Inspection


Payment and Shippment

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