High Air Tightness Coffee Packaging Pouch With Valve

Flat bottom pouch, also called box pouch or square bottom pouch, has the added benefit of a flat, stable base allowing it to stand perfectly upright on the shelf. This will ensure that your brand will perform in the store and in the home the way you intended it to flawlessly.

Product Details

High Air Tightness Coffee Packaging Pouch With Valve

We offer you a vast range of flexible food packaging bag solutions for your coffee and teas. You can choose from an extensive range of styles, sizes, shapes, colors and materials. With the addition of a one way degassing valve, the bags are perfect for coffee packaging. These valves keep your coffee fresh and prevents the bags from bursting.


It combines the benefits of a traditional side gusseted bag with a bag that is self-standing, allowing for easy fill and a narrow shelf presence. 

This format is used across many different markets, including coffee.



Produce Process

Quality Inspection


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